Our nuclear medicine division provides 100% customizable services, keeping overhead as low as possible for your practice.  We are fully committed to our client relationships, service quality and excellence.


Custom Packages "Designed Best For Your Needs":

  • Mobile nuclear imaging / Turn key solutions
  • Short-term staffing / Long-term staffing
  • General nuclear camera rental / Short-term dedicated cardiac camera rental / Long-term dedicated cardiac camera rental

Commitment to Excellence:

  • Our fleet of camera systems:
    • All under full service manufacturer warranties - 2.2% down-time
    • Advanced technology design with proven, premium digital detectors that rapidly deliver exquisite high resolution image quality - 100%
    • Ultra compact completely integrated system GUARANTEED to fit in any exam room and door - effortlessly
    • 35 PMT's per detector - 18-63% more efficient than ANY other mobile camera system utilizing solid state technology
    • Low platform - 4-5" from the floor making it easy for those patients requiring additional attention
    • Integrated motion sensor technology - eliminating any patient motion while the gantry rotates freely around the patient
    • MOCO - motion correction software feature
    • Validated by Johns Hopkins
    • Most advanced half-time / half-dose software
  • Highest quality web-based PACS:
    • Images available immediately
    • Full reporting software
  • Strong company core:
    • Qualified hand-selected staff, every time - 2.6% turnover recorded over past 10 years
    • Local, hands-on managers - available 24/7/365 to meet your needs
    • Exceedingly unsurpassable dedication to client relationships, service and imaging quality and "most importantly" your patients
  • We are vested in our staff, guaranteeing you are absolute best - "We select "our staff" like we are selecting them "for you... every time"
  • Cardiovascular Business Our mobile camera system remains the first-choice tool for obese patients


 Mobile Nuclear Imaging

Customize Your Package:

  • Treadmill
  • Crash cart
  • Supplies
  • Staffing
  • Billing
  • Licensing
  • Accreditation
  • Teleradiology


Need coverage? We have your solution

Nuclear Lab Staffing

Our licensed and professional staff is extraordinary - guaranteeing YOU will receive the BEST coverage without interruptions in service

Our staff is:

• Hand-picked - we only hire the best
• Dedicated and gives 200% DAILY
• Capable of working on EVERY system
• NOT button pushers - focusing on quality - every time
• Strives for perfection
• Professional and will blend in with your staff
• Compassionate and puts patients 1ST

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Worry Free - Includes Everything - Guaranteed Profitability

Complete Imaging Package

"Turn Key" Solution: "You Provide The Exam Room and Schedule Patients" and "We Provide Everything Else"

We Provide:

• 2 licensed professionals: nuclear medicine and stress technologist / RN
• Nuclear camera system
• Treadmill
• All supplies
• Crash cart / AED
• PACS / reporting software / image storage
• Accreditation
• Licensing / RSO
• Billing assistance and customized plans for service
• Teleradiology

Piece of mind.... so YOU can focus on patient care

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Short-Term and Long-Term Camera Rentals: Cardiac and General Nuclear

Camera Rental

Mobile Dedicated Cardiac Systems:

• Short-term camera rentals
• Long-term camera rentals

General Nuclear Medicine Systems:

• General nuclear and cardiac systems
• Short and long-term rental options

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