Our corporate leaders have over 100 years combined experience in the medical industry serving many roles:  as technologists and sales professionals - who have worked for many larger medical companies; therefore we understand the challenges physician groups and hospitals face today.

Knowing the challenges we are all facing in 2013, we continue to introduce new programs that is designed to "optimize your bottom line in the most affordable way", whatever your goal is...

Service benefits:
  • ​we provide highly trained licensed staff:  nuclear medicine technologist, nurse, ultrasound technologist, cardiologists, physicists and internationally experienced leaders
  • we provide the supplies, treadmill, crash cart, accreditation and licensing
  • we provide ICANL approved reports in less than 24 hours
  • we can bill Medicare patients 
  • we provide on-line HIPAA approved access to images 

Designed to:
  • increase your margin
  • reduce your costs
  • service your patients while providing superior quality
  • make things simple for you....
Do you prefer to own?

Our sales and consultant professionals can help make suggestions for new or refurbished equipment that is affordable and will maximize your return.  Our "EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS" is based on the GREATEST VALUE at the MOST COMPETITIVE PRICE - GUARANTEED 

100 years combined experience since 2006
helping over 175 practices find the most affordable and profitable solutions